6 Tips for Sales and Marketing Coaches and Execs to Grow and Thrive During a Downturn

When times are tough, our need for security takes first priority. The primal brain will see to it that we do everything we can to survive. To that end, it can be highly reassuring to be proactive—taking measures to ensure you are doing everything you can be prepared. Focusing on positive action steps will garner your brain’s attention to help you move forward, while allowing fear or anxiety to dominate siphons the brain’s energy into a defense mode where creative forward movement stops.

Fortunately, with the benefit of the latest brain science, we know there are many things you can do to fortify your creative foundation, which greatly increases the odds of keeping your business afloat and even growing during difficult times.

Thrive in a Downturn Using SalesBrain Neuromarketing Science of Persuasion

Here are 6 top tips for Sales and Marketing coaches, consultants, and execs to grow and thrive during a downturn:

RETHINK EVERYTHING AND OPEN TO NEW POSSIBILITIES. When our primal brain gets stressed, it commandeers virtually all our attention and energy, limiting our capacity for creative thinking. If we allow fear and distress to take over, our brain starts shutting down to new ideas. If we get grounded and centered, new horizons open up.

GET TRAINING TO LEARN NEW SKILLS. Learning new, proven techniques in the brain-based science of persuasion and messaging will set you light years ahead of the competition for months and years to come.

CONDUCT RESEARCH ON YOUR CUSTOMERS USING BRAIN-BASED SCIENTIFIC TECHNIQUES. Use your time wisely by surveying prospects online and find out what they’re really thinking when it comes to their needs and wants versus your current offerings.

REDESIGN YOUR WEBSITE & MARKETING MATERIALS. If you aren’t already integrating proven techniques like grabbers, contrasted visuals, and provable claims in your marketing campaigns, now is the time to invest in a compelling message that can’t fail to persuade.

Create sales materials and messages that convince the PRIMAL brain first. This part of the brain pays attention to messages that speak to an urgent PAIN, which can be solved by provable CLAIMS, and emphasized by compelling proofs of GAIN.

New discoveries about the brain and it’s application to sales and marketing has been prolific in the last two decades since the advent of the field called “neuromarketing.” Learning to understand how to persuade the primal brain , the true decision-maker, will change the way you sell forever and give you the edge over your competition. Learn more about the world’s first certificate program in the Persuasion Sciences.

In the end, taking a proactive, creative approach to impending challenges allows you to tap into a kind of confidence that relaxes the primal brain and empowers you to be identify more creative solutions to your challenges.

Engaging the science of persuasion will increase your value to your clients if you are a coach or consultant, and help you close more deals. If you are an executive in a business, investing in your sales and marketing efforts using the latest discoveries in neuroscience may bring you the critical ROI that helps your company grow and thrive and brings you greater peace of mind.

Dr. Christophe Morin
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