A NeuroMap® Report gives you critical scores on how your messages succeed of fail to reach the Primal and Rational brains of your audience.

A NeuroMap® Report (CNR) provides a neuroevaluation of your home page using an assessment tool developped by SalesBrain and tested on hundreds of ads.

  • A diagnostic tool assessing how well your home page is currently highlighting relevant PAINS, using strong CLAIMS, and proving tangible GAIN proofs.

  • A Predictive Eye Tracking Report estimating the area of your home page that will recruit the highest amount of visual attention during the first 5 seconds of visual processing.

  • Key recommendations to quickly increase the PAIN/CLAIM/GAIN alignment and help you reach the maximum Primal Brain impact.

Knowing in which quadrant your message falls is a game changer!

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Each NeuroMap® report will give you visual predictive maps of your home page.

Your maps (heat, fog, opacity and gaze) should demonstrate that you can capture visual attention in critical areas of an image in just a few seconds. According to NeuroMap, your success depends on your ability to help your prospects’ brains develop an intuitive visual explanation of your message.

Check out this example of a site redesign using the guidance from our reports.

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Example Of Heatmap Results
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