NeuroMap Reports

The BASIC Predictive Visual REPORT is only $49.95 per image. Click here to order

The Comprehensive NeuroMap Report (CNR) provides a neuroevaluation of your website using several proprietary tools developed by SalesBrain:

  • A diagnostic tool assessing how well your site is currently highlighting relevant PAINS, using strong CLAIMS, and proving tangible GAIN proofs.

  • A Predictive Visual Report estimating the area of your website that will recruit the highest amount of visual attention during the first 5 seconds of visual processing.

  • Key neurorecommendations to quickly increase the PAIN/CLAIM/GAIN alignment and help you reach the maximum Primal Brain impact.

Example NeuroMap Report Scoring Summary
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Order your NeuroMap report (flat fee of $1995) today  by clicking here and you will get two online coaching sessions:

Session 1:

A 30 minutes online coaching session during which a SalesBrain certified instructor will present:
  • A personalized NeuroMap™ introduction to your team members.
  • Questions engaging your team so that we can quickly learn your business model, your sales process, and determine how your website currently moves your prospects along your sales funnel.

Session 2

Within a maximum of 3 days of session 1, a second 60 minutes online coaching session during which we will:

  • Present the VIM of your stimuli (slides, home page, packaging) . These maps predict where the gaze of your visitors is drawn to: what part of the page are they focusing on?
  • Share the rules of what makes a successful stimulus
  • Discuss steps and recommendations to improve

How you can interpret your Visual Impact Maps ?

Your maps (heat, fog, opacity and gaze) should demonstrate that you can capture visual attention in critical areas of an image in just a few seconds. According to NeuroMap, your success depends on your ability to help your prospects’ brains develop an intuitive visual explanation of your message.

Check out this example of a site redesign using the guidance from our reports.

Example Heatmap Results
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How you improve your Primal Brain impact?

To do that, we recommend that your message uses the 6 stimuli that can trigger a response from the Primal brain. They are summarized below:


Relevance to the PAIN


Demonstratable GAIN


Image saliency




Repetition, strong close


Approach or avoidance

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