Day 1: NeuroStrategy


This workshop is our most popular program. It introduces participants to the fundamentals of neuromarketing and NeuroMap®. As participants learn the importance of the 4-step process (PAIN-CLAIM-GAIN-BRAIN), they acquire the confidence and skills to apply the model to their own businesses.

Audience: marketing, communication, PR, pre and post-sales people as well as senior executives such as CEOs, VPs of Sales and Marketing, VPs of Product development, VPs of Business Development, etc.

Face-to-face delivery pricing$18,500 for up to 12 participants, $995 per participant above 12.

Stimulating the brain to make desired buying choices, Neuromarketing is a fresh, impactful approach to sales and marketing, and neuromarketing should be a must for every executive. Recognizing the tangible value of Neuromarketing to their businesses, our CEO community has catapulted SalesBrain to become our top-rated topic in less than one year.”


  • Presentation of the latest Neuromarketing discoveries

  • Learn the only 6 stimuli that can reach the decision making part of your customers’ brain

  • Create clarity on what PAINS drive your customers’ decisions

  • Develop strong and creative CLAIMS to defend your unique benefits

  • Demonstrate your value proposition – their GAIN – with your most compelling proofs


  • 9:00 Intro to Neuromarketing Principles

    Learn about the 3 brains and the 1 decision maker.  Understand the only 6 stimuli to trigger the decision maker: the PRIMAL BRAIN.

  • 9:45 Diagnose the PAIN

    Discover that your customers PAIN have more impact on their decision than their WANTS or NEEDS.

  • 11:15 Differentiate your CLAIMS

    Define your unique CLAIMS, even if you offer a commodity product or service.

  • 12:30 Lunch Break

    Feed your Brain

  • 13:00 Demonstrate the GAIN

    It’s not about the value that you talk about it’s about the value your customers perceived. The only 4 ways to prove their GAIN.

  • 14:00 Deliver to the PRIMAL Brain

    Learn the techniques to reach the true decision maker.

  • 15:15 Q&A, Next steps

    15:45 Adjourn

NEW: The Persuasion Code

How can the latest brain research help increase your sales?

Most of your attempts to persuade are doomed to fail because the brains of your audience automatically reject messages that disrupt their attention. This book makes the complex science of persuasion simple. Learn to develop better marketing and sales messages based on a scientific model; NeuroMap.  Regardless of your level of expertise in marketing, neuromarketing, neuroscience or psychology: The Persuasion Code: How Neuromarketing Can Help You Persuade Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime will make your personal and business lives more successful by unveiling a credible and practical approach towards creating a breakthrough persuasion strategy.

  • Written by the founders of SalesBrain who pioneered the field of neuromarketing
  • Includes guidance for creating your own neuromarketing plan
  • Designed to advance your executive career or grow your business by creating persuasive messages based on the working principle of the brain.
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