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Our research methods aim to probe both the conscious (rational) and unconscious (primal) reactions of your customers or prospects.


Consciousness is overrated. We truly believe that we can articulate what we want or feel, but the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that we cannot. So our research methods are designed to answer critical questions regarding the instinctive, emotional, and cognitive responses of your customers to your brand, advertising messages,  packaging, videos and more.


Use neuromarketing methods that focus on measuring the subconscious mechanisms that underly decisions.


Cutting-edge insights to sharpen your persuasive effectiveness.

  • NeuroSmart

    SalesBrain has carefully selected and specialized using neuromethods that deliver reliable and actionable insights.

  • NeuroFast

    Achieve results fast! Conventional research programs take over 6 to 8 weeks. By using Salesbrain web neurotools, you can get results in less than 2 weeks!

  • NeuroClear

    SalesBrain is the only neuromarketing company in the world using a proven persuasion model. When your research is backed by NeuroMap, it means you can explain it clearly and easily to other executives in your company.

NeuroResearch Services

PAIN Research Services using Voice Analysis

How do you know what your customers’ PAINS are? By way of in-depth interviews, surveys, and a suite of brain-based protocols unveiling the subconscious responses to any sales and marketing stimulus, SalesBrain will dig deep into the Primal brain to capture unique insights.

AI Visual and Primal Scores

Are your visuals engaging the PRIMAL brain? You can find out by asking SalesBrain to calculate and predict the visual effectiveness of your web pages, presentation slides, print ads and more.

Visual and Facial Online Testing

How are your customers responding emotionally to your messages? Facial imaging is based on decades of research on the meaning of facial expressions. Now software can help analyze your participants’ faces as they encounter current as well as future messages.

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