Neurolab Studies

A new science is born: facial imaging. And SalesBrain is offering this valuable service to help you assess how well you are communicating with the reptilian brain of your customers. Facial imaging is based on decades of research on the meaning of facial expressions. This technology however no longer depends on humans to decode the facial expressions but powerful software. A typical facial imaging session can be delivered online or in a lab. When administered over the web, we ask participants to allow us to record their face while they review a video or an image. Call us to discuss what your objectives are and we will be happy to provide you with a demo and a quote.

Eye tracking delivers critical information on where subjects place their visual attention and for how long. Heat maps give you access to insights that are impossible to collect from traditional research methods. For more on eye tracking, visit our neuro101 section. This option is now also possible to conduct online. Call us for more details.

With a neurolab, we can use multiple sensors to monitor the instinctive, emotional and cognitive responses to many stimuli.  Neurolab studies use eye tracking, facial imaging plus


ECG records the electrical activity generated by heart muscle depolarizations, which propagate in pulsating electrical waves towards the skin. Although the electricity is in fact very small, it can be picked up reliably with ECG electrodes attached to the skin (data unit: microvolt, uV). Biometric data based on heart rate variability offers valuable insights into subconscious arousal in response to emotionally loaded stimulus material.


Skin conductance studies reveal emotional arousal people experience while exposed to advertising messages or navigating a website. The technology has been used for decades but is now less invasive and completely wireless. This allows subjects to shop in a store while we monitor their emotions.


EEG is a very effective technology to measure brain waves generated by the brain. The speed of EEG is so remarkable that it has become a very common tool to assess attention, motivation and cognitive efforts associated with advertising or packaging stimuli.  For more on EEG, visit our neuro101 section. For more info on our EEG services, please contact us at [email protected]

Salesbrain can perform neurolab studies anywhere on this planet. Just call us to inquire.

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