Grow Scientifically with the Persuasion Code!

This workshop is our most popular program which is now available as virtual sessions delivered over one week as 4 x 75-minute modules. It introduces participants to the fundamentals of our persuasion model called NeuroMap. As participants learn the importance of targeting the Primal brain, the ultimate decision-maker, they will learn the 6 stimuli to trigger buying decisions and 3 steps to identify your prospects pain and deliver a powerful message about how your solution can help them thrive.

Audience: marketing, communication, PR, pre and post sales people as well as senior executives such as CEOs, VPs of Sales and Marketing, VPs of Product development, VPs of Business Development, etc.

Price$399 per seat

Upcoming April session:

“Discover your Persuasion Code to Close More Business Today!”
4 Consecutive Days in this 4-part series

April 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th @ 10am PST.

75 minute sessions from the comfort of your office or home.

Details and Registration:

Stimulating the brain to make desired buying choices, Neuromarketing is a fresh, impactful approach to sales and marketing, and neuromarketing should be a must for every executive. Recognizing the tangible value of Neuromarketing to their businesses, our CEO community has catapulted SalesBrain to become our top-rated topic in less than one year.”


  • Presentation of a unique Persuasion Theory

  • Two brain systems but one decision-maker: the Primal Brain.

  • Learn the only 6 stimuli that can reach the decision making part of your customers’ brain

  • Create clarity on what PAINS drive your customers’ decisions

  • Develop strong and creative CLAIMS to defend your unique benefits

  • Demonstrate your value proposition – their GAIN – with your most compelling proofs


  • Module 1: Persuasion science and brain systems

    Learn about the 2 brains and the 1 decision maker.  Understand the effect of primal and cognitive biases on our decisions

  • Module 2: the 6 persuasion stimuli

    There are 6 ways to trigger activity in the Primal brain. Apply the 6 stimuli on your website, your presentation deck, your corporate videos and more

  • Module 3: Diagnose the PAIN

    Discover that your customers PAIN have more impact on their decision than their WANTS or NEEDS.

  • Module 4: Differentiate your CLAIMS and demonstrate the GAIN

    Define your unique CLAIMS, even if you offer a commodity product or service.

    It’s not about the value that you talk about it’s about the value your customers perceived. The only 4 ways to prove their GAIN.