Delivered in 6 sessions of 120 minutes via Zoom, this program offers AI application of our persuasion model to your business. You will learn the Persuasion Science, the Persuasion Process and the Persuasion Chemistry you can use to create and deliver killer messages on virtual platforms, online or offline.

NeuroMap AI public workshops

  • 6 two-hour Instructor Zoom Sessions
  • Timeline 3 weeks
  • Review and assessment of current sales message included
  • Fee: $1250 per seat

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Stimulating the brain to make desired buying choices, Neuromarketing is a fresh, impactful approach to sales and marketing, and neuromarketing should be a must for every executive. Recognizing the tangible value of Neuromarketing to their businesses, our CEO community has catapulted SalesBrain to become our top-rated topic in less than one year.”