Why Earn a Certification in Persuasion Sciences?

Every business executive seeks to sell more and influence more, yet the task is difficult and tools to optimize persuasion are rare, confusing and mostly ineffective because they are not based on credible science. There are lots of consultants who offer services to create better sales and marketing strategies, but most of them do not use a proven model of persuasion to produce predictable results.

By contrast, SalesBrain has been using neuroscience to improve business results for almost two decades. Nearly a thousand companies have experienced measurable benefits by using NeuroMap® , the Award-winning SalesBrain Persuasion model. Companies using NeuroMap® have experienced impressive results.

“We experienced a 34.87% increase in revenues– Nine months prior to using NeuroMap compared to nine months after using it.” –Paul Gross, President and CEO HSG Code Blue

“The Sales reps that have taken up the NeuroMap methodology are selling 50% more than the rest of our team.”  –Glenn Horton, CEO The Horton Group, Chicago https://www.linkedin.com/in/glennhorton/

“I started to use SalesBrain science 7 years ago. As a result today our business is 7 times bigger than 7 years ago reaching into the $100MM revenue range. Thank you SalesBrain for showing us that there is a simple science to grown, fast!” Jennifer Smith CEO Innovative Office Solution, Minneapolis https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-smithin/