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The SalesBrain model (NeuroMap) has won multiple awards and delivered measurable success for over a decade. One of the most important premise of NeuroMap is that effective messages need to appeal to the Reptilian Brain because this evolutionary old area is wired to decide quickly. More importantly, reptilian decisions are largely based on the visual and emotional impact instantly triggered by a stimulus. The technology we use to create Visual Impact Maps (VIM) has been designed by world experts in cognitive neuroscience who understand the visual system of the brain.

What does your VIM tell you?

A VIM shows the degree of visual saliency of any image. Warmer colors from the VIM indicate regions that are more likely to automatically attract reptilian attention.

How you can interpret your VIM.

Your VIM should demonstrate that you can capture visual attention in critical areas of an image in just a few seconds. According to NeuroMap, a successful VIM will show that your prospects’ brains will develop an intuitive visual explanation of your message.

To improve your VIM, we recommend that your message uses the 6 stimuli that can trigger a response from the Reptilian brain. They are summarized below:

  1. Self Centered
  2. Contrast
  3. Tangible
  4. Beginning and End
  5. Visual
  6. Emotional

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Sample Visual Impact Scans


How Well Do You Think Your Website Will Score?



Relevance to the PAIN






Demonstratable GAIN


Beginning and End

Repetition, strong close



Image saliency



Approach or avoidance

You need to unveil the unspoken reasons why your customers buy: avoid PAIN. Neuroscience tells us that PAINS or threats activate the oldest, most primitive area of our brains.  How do you capture PAINS from the reptilian brain?

You need a maximum of 3 compelling reasons why your customers should buy from you: you need CLAIMS. The brain has no appetite or energy for processing complicated descriptive statements. You need GAIN proofs. Your customers are wired for quick decisions which can be made if you have strong claims. How do you choose your 3 claims?

You need a powerful suite of neurocreative assets to generate more leads and increase conversion. But opportunities will vanish if your sales team is not trained to deliver to the reptilian brain. How ready are you to close more deals  or shorten your sales cycles?

Stop Confusing.

Start Convincing.

Neuromarketing is  an effective discipline to improve sales and marketing results by applying recent discoveries on the brain. SalesBrain is the world’s first neuromarketing agency which developed a NeuroMap™, a unique process combining neuroresearch, neuromessaging, neurocreative and neurotraining services that help you reach the true decision maker: the reptilian brain. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more.

The response has been really positive. They love that it is easy to use. Since launching  we’ve seen a 600% boost in website traffic!

The Sales reps that have taken up the neuromarketing methodology are selling 50% more than the rest of our team.  They’ve been using the NeuroPicture and have had great feedback.

Learn More About the SalesBrain Methodaology

Are you new to neuromarketing? Did you think your prospects just had one brain? Step into this section to begin your understanding of how your customers’ reptilian brains make decisions.

How can you apply neuromarketing in your organization right now? From pain research and diagnosis to personalized claims sessions, workshops and coaching – you’re covered.

How can you develop sales and marketing tools that speak to your customer’s reptilian brain? Our neurocreative services offer an efficient and cost effective way to create digital assets that are proven to improve your bottom line.

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