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This region of the NeuroMap is the core of the SalesBrain process.  SalesBrain is the only neuromarketing company in the world with a proven and simple 4-step process that helps you navigate and influence your customer’s brain.  By following these 4 steps, you will create and deliver a powerful message that triggers a decision in record time.

Step 1. Diagnose the PAIN

No PAIN, No Gain…

There are countless examples of products and services marketed without a sophisticated understanding of the specific pains they are supposed to eliminate. Even with multi-million dollar advertising campaigns, they ultimately fail. Though we cannot reduce the complex and mystical paradigms underlying every human decision, buying patterns are more predictable than generally believed.

The Primal Brain is Personal.

Under the stress of making a purchasing decision, it plays a central role in controlling the final decision. That’s why you need to quickly identify the pain of your audience if you want to get immediate attention. How?

Learn to Answer the Following 4 Questions:

Source of the pain: Identifying the source of the pain is like taking a pulse at the right vein of a patient. It is the best way to assess the nature of the pain, therefore a first step toward making sure your product or service is designed to bring effective relief!

Intensity of the pain: Learn to diagnose whether the pain addressed by your solution is of high or low intensity early in your selling process. Or better, learn to detect and focus on the high intensity pains!

Worst consequences: Knowing the source of the pain helps qualify the tension driving the intent to buy, knowing the intensity helps measure the meaning of the tension, identifying the consequences validates whether or not your customer has powerful and compelling reasons to cure the pain.

Pain acknowledgement: It is a critical part of the Selling Process to make the customer acknowledge his/her pain. Think about the last time you went to see a doctor. Most likely, after answering questions related to your ailment, you were asked to confirm that the diagnostic made by the doctor was a correct assessment of the source of the pain.

Step 2. Differentiate Your CLAIMS

No CLAIM, No Fame…

If you are not selling something that is clearly unique, you are selling as much for your competitors as you are for yourself.

You must highlight the uniqueness of your solution to succeed:

At SalesBrain, we believe that CLAIMS solve limitations of existing inventions the same way your brand’s uniqueness should solve the core PAIN of your client.

Nail Your CLAIMS! Here’s How:

List the top 3 PAINS as uncovered during your diagnostic process.

Describe which unique feature your product or service offers to eliminate the PAIN.

Describe the resulting benefit as experienced directly by the customer.

Consider putting the CLAIMS in front of a good sample of customers before you can use them.

Step 3. Demonstrate Your GAIN

No Evidence, No Confidence…

If your benefits are greater than your cost, your customers are foolish not to buy. But it doesn’t always work that way.

Why? Because the ‘Primal Brain’ is skeptical. It needs concrete evidence before it can commit to a decision. This means that rather than ‘talking’ about the value, you need to ‘prove’ it. Selling to the ‘Primal Brain’ is a game of GAIN!

Most books written about sales focus on accelerating the buying decision—not ‘solidifying’ the commitment to buy.

If you present a strong ‘Proof of GAIN’, you do not need to create an ‘artificial urgency’. It will be built into your message.

Why would your customer delay a buying decision if you have proven the GAIN they will get from your CLAIMS?

GAIN Falls into 3 Different Categories:

The Financial GAIN or ROI –Return On Investment-is maximized when customers see measurable returns on their purchase like saving money or increasing revenue or even boosting profits.

The Strategic GAIN includes benefits that are less measurable yet provide significant enhancements to your business such as increased quality, product diversification, shorter market cycles, access to new markets, etc. The strategic GAIN cannot always be translated into financial value.

The Personal GAIN is achieved when specific employees of your customers experience peace of mind, more fun, pride of ownership, improved chances for a promotion, sense of accomplishment, self-satisfaction, etc.

Step 4. Deliver to the Reptilian Brain

No Clarity, No Close…

Being unique by Differentiating your CLAIMS and proving your value by Demonstrating the GAIN are vital steps in affecting your audience. But alone, they are not enough. The most solid and logical message, though it may be of interest to your prospect, will still not trigger a buying decision unless the ‘Reptilian Brain’ quickly and effortlessly understands. Delivering your message with maximum impact to influence the real decision maker, the Reptilian Brain, truly gives you the edge.

The ‘Reptilian Brain’ is a very self-centered entity and general considerations about others do not reach it. Think of the ‘Reptilian Brain’ as the center of ME. Do not assume that it has any patience or empathy for anything that does not immediately concern its survival and well-being.

Before/after, with/without, slow/fast all allow the Reptilian Brain to decide. Contrast is a safe decision engine. It allows the ‘Reptilian Brain’ to make quick and safe decisions. Without contrast, the ‘Reptilian Brain’ enters a state of confusion, which ultimately results in delaying decision.

Numbers work for the New Brain, but the ‘Reptilian Brain’ won’t decide based on numbers alone! The ‘Reptilian Brain’ is constantly scanning for what is familiar and friendly, what can be recognized quickly, what is tangible and immutable. The ‘Reptilian Brain’ cannot process concepts like “flexible solution”, “integrated approach”, or “scalable architecture” without effort and doubt.

The ‘Reptilian Brain’ forgets most everything in the middle. This short attention span has huge implications on how to construct and deliver powerful messages. Placing the most important content at the beginning is a must, and repeating it at the end an imperative. Keep in mind that anything you say in the middle of your delivery will be mostly overlooked.

The ‘Reptilian Brain’ is visual. Neuroscience demonstrates that when you see something that looks like a snake, your ‘Reptilian Brain’ warns you instantly of danger so that you react even before the New Brain physically recognizes it’s a snake. This implies that visual processing enters the ‘Reptilian Brain’ first which can lead to very fast and effective connection to the true decision-maker.

The ‘Reptilian Brain’ is strongly triggered by emotions. Neuroscience has clearly demonstrated that ‘emotional cocktails’ create chemical reactions that directly impact the way information is memorized and processed by the ‘Reptilian Brain’.

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