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What is NeuroMap?

Neuromarketing is an effective new discipline to improve sales and marketing results by applying discoveries from neuroscience. With the SalesBrainʼs NeuroMap™ model, you can scientifically CAPTURE, scientifically CONVINCE and scientifically CLOSE more customers. Our unique process will help you focus your message on the top customersʼ PAINS, choose unique CLAIMS, prove your GAIN and deliver to the Reptilian BRAIN. SalesBrain is the worldʼs first neuromarketing agency using a persuasion model based on decades of research on the human brain. NeuroMap is used by more than 200,000 executives worldwide.

The 5 Regions of the NeuroMap

The NeuroMap™ model is composed of five regions, each of which gives you valuable insight into the science of persuasion and shows  how you can find the path to the “buy buttons” in your customer’s brain. The NeuroMap™ services uniquely offered by SalesBrain include neuroresearching, neuromessaging, neurotraining.

3 Brains

The starting point of NeuroMap™ is understanding some basic facts about the structure of the human brain. You may think of the human brain as a single organ, but physiologically, the brain is actually organized into 3 separate layers which act as separate organs with different cellular structures and different functions. Learn how each part of the brain is involved in buying decisions, and, most importantly, which part of the brain is the true decision maker.

6 Stimuli

The most primitive part of the human brain is referred to as the “R complex” or the “Reptilian Brain”. Although it controls most life sustaining functions such as breathing, digestion, heart rate, etc., it is remarkably simple in terms of what types of stimuli trigger response. Learn about the 6 stimuli that trigger the Reptilian brain, and how you can use these stimuli as a special language to influence your customers’ buying decisions.

4 Steps

SalesBrain is the only neuromarketing agency in the world with a proven and simple 4-step process that helps you navigate and influence your customers’ brains. Learn how you can follow this process to create and deliver powerful messages to your customers.

6 Message Blocks

SalesBrain has developed a unique messaging architecture based on 6 Message Blocks that target the Reptilian Brain of your customers. Learn how to use these Message Blocks to construct and deliver a strong message on your audience.

7 Message Boosters

SalesBrain helps you understand how to increase the impact of each Message Block by using seven techniques that boost the response of the Reptilian Brain to your message.

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