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The 2 Brain Systems

In the last two decades, scientists have made dramatic discoveries on the human brain. Some of the learnings also help us understand how consumers make buying decisions using subconscious mechanism that are not possible to decode using traditional marketing research methods. As a result, you can use neuromarketing to improve your sales and marketing results.

How are decisions made in the human brain? To answer this question we must first look at the physiological structure of the brain.

In addition to the Right Brain and Left Brain, the brain is organized in 2 critical systems which act like separate organs with different cellular structures and different functions: The Primal Brain and the Rational Brain

Once you know that the true decision-maker is the Primal Brain, your entire sales and marketing strategy should apply completely different communication principles in order to be effective.

Research in neurosciences demonstrates that although the 2 brain systems communicate with each other, each has a specialized function:

The New Brain

This brain thinks. It processes rational data and shares its deductions with the other two brains.

The Middle Brain

This brain feels. It processes emotions and gut feelings and also share its findings with the other two brains.

The Reptilian Brain

This brain decides. It takes input from the other 2 brains but it controls the final decision making process.


On the way to the development of the human brain, mankind went through several phases. First there was a brain stem and a cerebellum, which constitute the inner and most primitive layer. The brain stem especially is the part of the brain that overseas such functions as reproduction, self-preservation, circulation of the blood, breathing, sleeping, and the contractions of muscles in response to external stimulation.


The brain stem sits on top of the spinal column at the base of the skull. This system is often called the “Reptilian Complex” so named because all vertebrates from reptiles to mammals have one. This is the brain structure that ultimately controls actions and decisions within a brain system called the Primal Brain.

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