GroupSmart – German

GroupSmart™ helps you diagnose the PAIN and agree on your best CLAIMS in record time!

Uniquely developed by SalesBrain, GroupSmart is a very powerful web-based system to capture all ideas associated with PAIN-CLAIM-GAIN factors and provide an open forum to process all thoughts in an accelerated and anonymous manner.

GroupSmart will also allow us to quickly build valuable competitive matrices based on the variables that appear most meaningful to your customers.

  • What if...

    you could generate ideas and suggestions faster than ever before?

  • What if...

    you could organize these ideas so as to reach consensus in a fraction of the time you do today?

  • What if...

    you could do all that by giving a voice to every team member of your executive, sales or marketing organization?

GroupSmart™ is loaded with features to help you generate powerful ideas with…

  • Anonymous input.

Since the individuals generating the ideas are unknown, participants feel more free to express their opinions, and ideas are evaluated more objectively.

  • Simultaneous contribution.

Everyone contributes at the same time-eliminating wasted time and increasing productivity

  • Detailed summary.

At the end of a meeting, you can easily produce a complete and accurate report of all ideas, comments, and vote results, in Word or .rtf format.

See GroupSmart in action in this short video!

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