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Differentiate your CLAIMS

If you are not clearly and consistently communicating the top 3 reasons WHY your customers should buy from you (your claims), you will fail to get the attention of their reptilian brain.  Our NeuroMessaging programs will help you define your claims in record time. Claims are like the 3 chapters of a book titled “Why you should buy from us”.


Your organization doesn’t communicate consistently the same 3 top reasons WHY your customers should buy from YOU.


Stop saying: “We are the leading provider of…”, Start saying “We are the only/best/first provider of…”


Use science to build consensus on your top 3 claims and start to look like the ONLY energy efficient light bulb!

  • Align

    Get clarity and consensus on the top pains, the claims and the gain of your value proposition.

  • Accelerate

    Accelerate alignment by using a proprietary brainstorming platform called GroupSmart™. GroupSmart ensures that the group focuses on ideas and discussion topics, instead of who is sharing the idea. Used by high performing groups around the world, this technology redefines how a team can collaborate and develop a strategic dialogue.

  • Applaud

    Create sales claims that get attention and perfectly align with your vision and capabilities.

What are your customers’ true pains?

Differentiate your unique claims and demonstrate the highest possible gain.

Achieve instant results using the power of the SalesBrain model.

Diagnose the pain and agree on your best claims in record time!

Demonstrate the GAIN

No Evidence. No Confidence.

If your benefits are greater than your cost, your customers are foolish not to buy. But it doesn’t always work that way.

Why? Because the reptilian brain is skeptical. It needs concrete evidence before it can commit to a decision. This means that rather than ‘talking’ about the value, you need to ‘prove’ it. Selling to the ‘Reptilian Brain’ is a game of gain.

Most books written about sales focus on accelerating the buying decision—not ‘solidifying’ the commitment to buy.

If you present a strong ‘proof of gain’, you do not need to create an ‘artificial urgency’. It will be built into your message.

Why would your customer delay a buying decision if you have proven the gain they will get?

  • The Financial Gain

    ROI(Return On Investment) is maximized when customer see measurable return on their purchase like saving money or increasing revenue or even boosting profits

  • The Strategic Gain

    Includes benefits that are less measurable yet provide significant enhancements to your business such as increased quality, product diversification, shorter market cycles, access to new market, etc. The strategic gain cannot always be translated into financial value.

  • The Personal Gain

    Achieved when specific employees of your customers experience peace of mind, more fun, pride of ownership, improved chances for a promotion, sense of accomplishment, self-satisfaction, etc.

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