Scientifically Capture.

Face the evidence: customers don’t know what they want! Traditional research methods won’t help you find what triggers decisions in their brains because they are based on self -reports.

So you need a scientific approach to capture insights which predicts why your customers will choose to buy from you.

At SalesBrain, we have conducted neuromarketing research for over a decade.  We believe you cannot create an effective message without first unveiling your customers’ PAINS. To truly reveal what motivates your customers to buy from you or pay attention to your messages, we use a unique suite of neuromarketing techniques such as facial imaging , layered voice analysis, eye tracking, EEG, and biometrics collected from the skin, the breath and the heart.

We also apply all these techniques to predict the effectiveness of all your sales messages, whether they are formatted as  print ads, videos, web pages or packaging labels.

  • Proven Clarity

    Unveil the true decision factors in your customer’s brains.

  • Proven Control

    Map all your messaging options based on your customers’ top PAINS.

  • Proven Confidence

    Predict the success of your messaging strategy with scientific accuracy.

“Thank you for doing such a fantastic job at HealthGrades this week!  You really stirred up a lot of interest and excitement.  Certainly, a bit of angst and uncertainty came with it, but I know of no other way to propel change and improvement.”

“We’ve embraced the learnings we garnered during our Salesbrain session and we’ve had a very successful year signing new clients.”

Scientifically Convince.

What are the top 1, 2 or 3 reasons for your customers to buy from you: what are your CLAIMS?

Solidifying your CLAIMS –sometimes mislabeled brand attributes– will help your customers quickly understand what resolution you can bring to their PAINS. Choosing CLAIMS is a process, not just a creative exercise! Your CLAIMS must appeal first and foremost to the reptilian brain. Your CLAIMS  need to separate you clearly from your competition with a simple, tangible and recognizable benefit. Finally, you need to scientifically convince with powerful proofs of GAIN.

  • Proven Simplicity

    Carefully select the simplest yet most powerful expression of your value.

  • Proven Speed

    Achieve understanding at the speed of the reptilian brain.

  • Proven Persuasion

    Trigger desire and intent leading to engagement.

All our people including our Senior Executives have been trained in the SalesBrain approach. It has given us a new shared vocabulary and helped us close very large deals.

The session Patrick and Christophe delivered for our entire sales and marketing team was fantastic. It allowed everyone to align on critical issues affecting our message toward both consumers and distributors.

Scientifically Close.

Once you have identified the PAINS, solidified your CLAIMS supported by your proofs of GAIN , you still need to use techniques to engage the decision-making part of your customer’s brain. To increase your ability to convince,  you need a powerful research-based persuasion model that helps you drive more sales. By giving you a map of the decision-making process –NeuroMap–, you will learn how to Deliver your story so it moves their Primal Brain. By doing so, your customers will understand you, they will remember you and they will like you.  This will give them the final emotional incentive to buy from you.

  • Proven Conversion

    Create digital assets that work like your best sales person.

  • Proven Conclusion

    Deliver presentations that lead to action and commitment.

  • Proven Contribution

    Get the best return on your marketing and advertising investment by closing deals quickly and more often.

We were notified today that we have become the integrator of choice.  The first phase is $1.7 MM.  You could call it dumb luck, but I used SalesBrain’ U curve and the green apple theory and it sure seems to have worked.  I don’t think it was a coincidence.

One week after your session, we presented to a company with over $100M in sales using SalesBrain tools. Presto, the CFO understood and moved the process from meeting to sold in two meetings. You pushed my button to execute on what we should have been doing all along.

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