SalesBrain is growing a network of certified partners and professionals around the world.

Certified Persuasion Agency

Whether you are a marketing consulting executive or firm, a creative agency or even a PR agency, you could benefit from using the SalesBrain NeuroMap model. Our agency partners receive full certification to not only to use the model for their own benefit but for the benefit of their customers. Create a neuromarketing differentiation by bringing “SalesBrain Inside”. We only accept applications from companies that have been in existence for at least 3 years and with more than 2 million dollars of annual revenue.

Certified Persuasion Professionals

Becoming a SalesBrain certified persuasion professional is a demanding but very rewarding experience. We are looking for people with a blend of high-level sales and marketing experience, solid basis in psychology and cognitive neuroscience as well as the ability to deliver content with passion and charisma. If you believe you have these qualities, visit a new section of our website describing our Certification as a Persuasion Professional.