The Persuasion Professional Certification Program (CPP)

Why Earn a Certification in Persuasion Sciences?

Every business executive seeks to sell more and influence more, yet the task is difficult and tools to optimize persuasion are rare, confusing and mostly ineffective because they are not based on credible science. There are lots of consultants who offer services to create better sales and marketing strategies, but most of them do not use a proven model of persuasion to produce predictable results.

By contrast, SalesBrain has been using neuroscience to improve business results for almost two decades. Nearly a thousand companies have experienced measurable benefits by using NeuroMap® , the Award-winning SalesBrain Persuasion model. Companies using NeuroMap have experienced impressive results.

“We experienced a 34.87% increase in revenues– Nine months prior to using NeuroMap compared to nine months after using it.” –Paul Gross, President and CEO HSG Code Blue

“The Sales reps that have taken up the NeuroMap methodology are selling 50% more than the rest of our team.”  –Glenn Horton, CEO The Horton Group, Chicago

“I started to use SalesBrain science 7 years ago. As a result today our business is 7 times bigger than 7 years ago reaching into the $100MM revenue range. Thank you SalesBrain for showing us that there is a simple science to grown, fast!” Jennifer Smith CEO Innovative Office Solution, Minneapolis

Value You Receive From Your Persuasion Code Certification (PCC)

With the recent release of a ground-breaking new book –The Persuasion Code— SalesBrain now offers its expertise through a network of Persuasion Coaches and Instructors who resell and deliver a set of unique services. Certified Persuasion Professionas (CPPs) specifically:

  • Increase their own credentials by acquiring a certification in persuasion science which is based on hundreds of success business cases
  • Generate more consulting engagements through a unique, lucrative set of new consulting and coaching services
  • Use their newly acquired skills to close more of their own coaching services
  • Learn and practice something original, scientific, fun and exciting
  • Become a hero with their clients because they will generate real, measurable results… quickly!

Basic Requirements To Become a CPP

  • Prove a consulting and coaching experience of 5 years minimum at the CXO level, including having personally held such function before
  • Demonstrate a unique ability to build consensus among teams of high-level, high-power executives
  • Attend, at their expense, one regular 2-day Persuasion Code workshop to learn NeuroMap
  • Attend, at their expense, one 2-day Persuasion Code workshop specific to coaches
  • Read and summarize 6 key scientific books which support the basis of NeuroMap
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver the NeuroMap® concepts by self-recording video clips of the delivery of each section of the model and receiving 3 hours of remote video feedback to make sure their client will properly assimilate and remember the concepts.

Time and Financial Commitment of  a PCC

  • For the candidates with the right prior experience, the amount of work necessary to achieve certification is between 2 to 3 weeks of homework spread over a period of 3 to 5 months. This period is necessary for the reading of the books, memorization of the concepts, attending 2 workshops, self-recording the video clips and receiving coaching on this delivery.
  • The cost of the certification is $5,000 plus the cost of signing up to 3 workshops (one 1/2 day and 2 2-days) for a discounted cost of $2500 plus travel expenses.
  • The CPP will pay SalesBrain a royalty fee of 25% on the revenue generated by the SalesBrain coaching programs, plus 10% if the lead is generated by SalesBrain (35% royalty)
  • Each year, to maintain certification, there is a minimum of $5,000 of royalties paid to SalesBrain for a 12 months period.

What will quickly happen after you implement a SalesBrain program?

  • The immediate benefit of this program is to create clarity, consensus and commitment from the executive team on the concepts of PAIN/CLAIM/GAIN. It creates fast and measurable RESULTS including:
    • shorten sales cycles by as much as 50%

“I thought my sales cycle was 8 weeks. NeuroMap proved me wrong, I can now close clients in less than 1 month. Invaluable!”Natasha Deganello Founder and CEO Micro-Documentaries

    • Increase revenue by as much as 50% per year

“We experienced a 34.87% increase in revenues– Nine months prior to using NeuroMap compared to nine months after using it.” –Paul Gross, President and CEO HSG Code Blue

    • Win complex and large deals in ultra-competitive environment

“Initially we estimated our chances to win this $150MM deal at less than 10%… our competitors were much larger than us and highly qualified companies. Yet in the end we won and NeuroMap was the key that got us the deal.” –Patrick Martini, Director of European Business Stratex (Now Aviat Networks)

What is a typical Persuasion Coaching Program you will sell and/or deliver?

  • The initial program will require the participation of a team of 2 to 10 employees. The involvement of the top management i.e. CEO, CMO, VP of Sales, VP of Operations, etc. is typically necessary to make this program successful.
  • The size of the team and choice of its members depend on the business size and level of marketing sophistication: do they have a CMO or VP of Marketing, do they have a Director of Marcom, are they conducting formal marketing researches on a regular basis including market trends, customers’ needs assessments, competitive positioning, etc. ?
  • The initial program requires a commitment from your client to attend 4 one-day sessions. Some activity will be required between each session as per your guidance.
  • The focus of this initial 4 one-day sessions will be to align the executive team on the concepts of PAIN/CLAIMS/GAIN which will define the content of their sales messaging architecture: the “what they should say” to persuade accross all sales and marketing platforms.
  • The minimum daily fee paid to you by a client shall be $5,000 per day. Therefore, the total cost for the initial 4-day program is, at a minimum, of $20,000.
  • A follow up session of 3 days can then be ordered to cover the 4th step of NeuroMap® : Deliver to the Primal Brain. The focus is on the delivery of their message, the “how they should communicate” to persuade. The minimum daily fee is $5,000 or $15,000 for the 3 days.

What deliverables can the clients expect to receive from a Certified Professional in Persuasion?

Since, NeuroMap®  is key to ALL marketing and sales activities, the customers will quickly receive tangible and measurable strategic and financial results. These results will emerge because the team will have solidified a memorable and quasi-immutable expression of the top 3 reasons (CLAIMS) WHY their customers should buy from them. These CLAIMS to solve their PAINS will be supported by demonstratable GAIN. After completing a program with you, your clients will enjoy:

    • A new mission statement highlighting their “Why” –their CLAIMS—
    • A new 1-page document titled “Why Choose Us”. Written in plain English, this document expands from the mission statement and contains an introduction presenting the PAIN followed by 3 Chapters –The CLAIMS—each describing their related GAINS. This document is called the Persuasion Code 1 Page.
    • A new blueprint for a home page, no longer focused on the “Who you are” and “What you do” but on the “Why buy for us”
    • A new elevator pitch equally important to grab the attention of potential customers and to recruit new employees. This elevator pitch reflects in a verbal format the “why us” and puts it in a persuasive format for either a potential prospect or a potential employee.
    • A new blueprint for a killer PowerPoint presentation no longer focused on us but focused on “why choose us”, together with a simple but scientific model to deliver this presentation with maximum persuasive impact
    • A new blueprint to create and deliver killer emails
    • A new blueprint to create and deliver killer voicemails
    • A new blueprint to host killer trade shows
    • A new blueprint to create killer proposals
    • And more generally a new blueprint to increase the impact of ALL their messages

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