7 Turbinadores de Messagem

In this final section ,  learn how to increase your impact by using 7 persuasion techniques that boost the response of the Primal Brain.

Use “You”

Using the word YOU makes your customers take ownership of your solutions. The Primal Brain is personal, so the best way you can help your prospects understand “what’s in it for them” is to use or say the word YOU. By wording with YOU, your customer’s Reptilian Brain will unconsciously experience owning and using your solution. Your messages instantly become more personal and the customer will feel you are genuinely interested in helping solve their PAIN.

Be Credible

Your passion, energy and conviction can be sensed by the Primal Brain of your audience.  The SalesBrain method will teach you how to maximize your overall impact by mastering 6 credibility factors:  Creativity, Fearlessness, Passion, Integrity, Accessibility, and Expressiveness.

Show Contrast

When you create a sharp difference between the PAIN your customers experience before your solution, and the relief of the PAIN with your solution, you create more impact on the Primal Brain because contrast is the fuel of decisions.  In the absence of contrast, especially when customers have difficulty distinguishing between your solution and others, the decision making process stalls.

Trigger Emotion

Customers often forget how painful their problems really are.  Reenact their PAIN and make it personal.  Strong emotions create a cocktail of hormones in the brain that act as a memory maker and as a decision trigger.

Vary Teaching Modalities

Varying teaching styles keeps the Primal Brain attentive and gives every member of the audience an opportunity to receive information through the channel they are most comfortable with.

Tell Stories

Because the Reptilian Brain cannot differentiate between reality and a story well told, stories are soft, but highly effective influencers. Good stories make a concept visual and tangible. A good story can make your presentation personal and generate powerful emotions in your audience.

Aim for Less

Make every second, every object, every word of your message count.  You must remove everything from your message that has no direct value to your customers.  Moreover, customers will appreciate that your messages can be delivered in half the time, but with more impact!

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