Predictive Eye Tracking (PET) Report

Are your visuals engaging the Primal Brain?

The SalesBrain model (NeuroMap®) has won multiple awards and delivered measurable success for nearly two decades. One of the most important principles of NeuroMap® is that effective messages need to appeal to the Primal Brain because this evolutionary old area is wired to decide quickly. More importantly, Primal decisions are largely based on the visual and emotional impact instantly triggered by a stimulus.

What can your PET report tell you?

A PET report shows the degree of visual saliency of an image. The report simulates the visual impact different areas or elements would have on a sample of about 60 people for 7 seconds.

How you can interpret your PET report.

Your PET report should demonstrate that you can capture visual attention in critical areas of an image in just a few seconds. According to NeuroMap®, a successful image will show that your prospects’ brains will develop an intuitive visual explanation of your message.

To predict the visual effectiveness of your web pages, presentation slides or print ads, get your PET report today!

The cost is only $59.95 per image. Click here to order.

Want help interpreting your PET report?

Dr. Morin can help you extract all the insights gained from your PET report. Currently, this service is offered only above 10 images.

The price of neurocoaching is calculated by the image at $50 per image (the cost of the report is not included and needs to be ordered separately). Simply enter the number of images for which you need neurocoaching, click here to order

Want a complete neuroevaluation of your landing page or any visual you currently use to persuade or sell? Get your NeuroMap® Report today! In addition to heat maps, gaze maps, opacity maps, and AOI maps, the NeuroMap® report gives proprietary scores of the Primal Brain effectiveness of any persuasive visual across the 6 factors: Personal, Contrastable, Tangible, Memorable, Visual, and Emotional. Additionally, the report scores the degree to which your message resonates with the Primal brain. Based on our research, a Primal message should target an urgent PAIN, unpack a limited number of provable CLAIMS, demonstrate the value with the stronger GAIN evidence and finally deliver the narrative using the 6 stimuli triggering the bottom-up effect from the PRIMAL to the RATIONAL brain system.  Click here for more details.

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