Plus Package – German

Plus Package

This package includes 12 pain interviews including vocal analysis, a qualitative report, an on-site claims / gain workshop for 16 accompanied by a full-day brainstorm and alignment, a full suite of neurocreative assets (see below) and an on-site two-day neurotraining workshop for 24 attendees.

Package Features


  • 12 PAIN Interviews (30 min)
  • Vocal Analysis (4 interviews)
  • Qualitative Report


  • Groups of 16 or less
  • Full-day brainstorm & alignment


  • NeuroPicture (x3)
  • NeuroIcon (x3)
  • NeuroExplanation
  • NeuroPresentation
  • NeuroTestimonial (x3)
  • NeuroMovie
  • NeuroWebsite


  • Sales/Marketing team of up to 24 attendees
  • Full-day training on SalesBrain process
  • Full-day training and coaching on delivery skills

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