What SalesBrain Clients are Saying…

“The whole idea of slowing down long enough to truly understand what the mindset of your customers is has been invaluable.”

“We experienced a 34.87% increase in revenues – Nine months prior to SalesBrain compared to nine months after SalesBrain.”

“One week after your session, we presented to a company with over $100M in sales using SalesBrain tools. Presto, the CFO understood and moved the process from meeting to sold in two meetings. You pushed my button to execute on what we should have been doing all along.”


“All our people including our Senior Executives have been trained in the SalesBrain approach and it has given us a new shared vocabulary and helped us closed large deals.”

“We are hearing a lot of prospects say they connect with our claims and find the associated pictures a good reflection of the concept.”

“The understanding of the basic concepts have allowed us to generate materials and processes that  have allowed us to more effectively diagnose customer pain and customize our sales message  specifically to each client.”


“The session  delivered for our entire sales and marketing team was fantastic. It allowed everyone to align on critical issues affecting our message toward both consumers and distributors.”


“The Sales reps that have taken up the neuromarketing methodology are selling 50% more than the rest of our team.  They’ve been using the NeuroPicture and have had great feedback.”