Every day, you are on a mission to influence people in many roles: prospects, customers, partners, employees, and even family members!
But how persuasive are you? Our new book, “The Persuasion Code”, reveals how difficult it is to effectively grab attention of those you need to convince.
The reality is that the people you are trying to influence receive an enormous number of invasive messages that demand valuable energy. Only messages that are optimized for the brain can generate the results you expect!
What if you could discover a scientific but simple method to influence anyone, anywhere, anytime?
That is the subject of our new book: The Persuasion Code. Based on 16 years of consulting and research services on advertising and sales effectiveness, this exciting new title unveils:
  • The two brain systems involved in processing all persuasive messages
  • The six primal biases that rule our decisions
  • The four steps to scientifically create and deliver persuasive messages
  • The six persuasion elements videos, presentations, brochures or websites should include
  • The seven persuasion catalysts that accelerate how your arguments engage the brain.
This new book is a long due sequel to our first book entitled “NeuroMarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons Inside Your Customers’ Brain” which was published in 12 languages and sold over 200,000 copies!
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