6 Blocos de Messagem

In this section of the NeuroMap, you will learn how to build a message with the utmost impact to the Primal Brain by using 6 Persuasion Elements. These elements are a powerful set of tools that can be used as a template for any delivery of your offering to customers such as a powerpoint sales presentation, email, marketing brochure, or elevator pitch. Each message block engages one or more of the 6 stimuli that speak specifically to the Primal Brain.

1. The Grabber

Engaging Stimuli: Beginning and End
For survival reasons, it is in the best interest of the Reptilian Brain to be most alert at the beginning and end of an interaction when change or an unknown factor could cause danger. You need to grab your customer’s attention early in your delivery and the SalesBrain method will teach you 5 proven methods to present your value upfront and trigger your customers interest early in your presentation.

2. Claims: 1, 2, 3

Engaging Stimulus: Contrast
In the delivery of any sales message, you want your customers to leave with a solid understanding of your CLAIMS (up to 3) and to easily understand how you are different from your competitors.  To help your customers remember your CLAIMS, they should be short, relevant and memorable.  One way to test the relevance of your CLAIMS is to see if they pass the TOP test, namely your CLAIMS should be Therapeutic (solve the PAINS of your customer), Original ( differentiate you from your competition) and Provable (satisfy the Reptilian Brain’s need for tangible input).  It is also vital that you repeat your CLAIMS several times throughout your message to reinforce their importance.

3. Big Picture

Engaging stimulus: Visual
An enormous body of scientific research has proven that the Reptilian Brain registers images long before the New Brain can recognize or analyze them.  A picture is indeed worth a thousand words when it comes to delivering messages with impact.  A Big Picture is a visual representation of your offering that needs little or no words to convey the value you bring to your customers.  Another format that you can use is the Contrasted Big Picture in which the first picture shows the PAIN of your customer without the benefit of your solution and the second illustrates the relief of PAIN through the use of your solution. This format further engages the Reptilian Brain through the use of the Contrast stimulus.

4. Proofs of GAIN

Engaging stimulus: Tangible
The core of your message should be your Proofs of GAIN.  Don’t expect your customers to believe in a solution that does not have tangible evidence to back it up.  This also taps into the self-centered focus of the Reptilian Brain i.e. “what’s in it for me?”  The SalesBrain method teaches you how to communicate 3 levels of GAIN that matters to your customer’s brain: the Financial GAIN, the Strategic GAIN ,and the Personal GAIN.  It also teaches you how to maximize your proofs of GAIN by using these techniques (listed in descending order of impact)-customer testimonial, demonstration, data, and vision.

5. Handling Objections

Engaging stimulus:  Emotion
Objections are often not rooted in logic.  They are the visible part of how your customer perceives you, your product and your company.  Some objections are due to misunderstandings and the SalesBrain method will train you to use a 4 step process to resolve the confusion.  Other objections, however, are valid, and very often the objection is triggered by the fear of making a wrong decision. The SalesBrain method will train you to use a 5-step process that engages the Reptilian Brain and can dissolve many objections.

6. Close

Engaging stimuli: all
If you have successfully followed the 4-step SalesBrain method, and have designed your message to impact the Reptilian Brain, your customer should be ready to buy. In summary, you will Diagnose the PAIN of your customer (self-centered),  Differentiate your CLAIMS to show the unique relief you can offer (contrast), Demonstrate the GAIN of your solution (tangible), and Deliver your message to the Reptilian Brain using the 5 Message Blocks presented above.  Now you must repeat your CLAIMS one last time (beginning and end stimulus) and ask two simple questions: “What do you think?” and “Where do we go from here?” . The SalesBrain method will train you on the hidden value of these questions and the most effective way to present them to your audience.

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