Vocal Pain Probe – German

What if there was more to what you hear than what you’re hearing?

Using cutting edge voice recognition software developed by top intelligence scientists, PainProbe measures the emotional content of consumer responses. It provides unique cognitive and emotional analytics that reveal customer behavior at a much deeper level than traditional marketing research techniques.

For decades researchers have been trying to devise ways to learn what subjects are actually thinking or feeling during an interview. The problem with fMRI and EEG is that they are expensive and difficult to use in the field. Using exclusive voice recognition software developed by top intelligence scientists, our PainProbe research is able to measure the emotional content of consumer responses during a guided or automated phone interview.

PainProbe uses Layered Voice Analysis (VLA) to measure the component of what is being said at the level of brain activity.  Probing these unconscious voice patterns, LVA technology completely ignores “what” is being said and focuses on the changes in brain activity as reflected in the voice.  The scientific concept behind LVA is that  changes in the cortical perception and interpretation of events as we speak affect the vocal waveform.  In other words, the brain is constantly synchronizing whether the sound we emit is intelligible,loud enough, has the right intent, etc, and this constant monitoring leaves a trace in the speech pattern.  Using sophisticated waveform analysis software, LVA detects variations in brain activity and characterizes them into voice layers depicting stress, excitement, deception and other emotional states.

Dig DEEPER into your client’s PAINS with PAINProbes ™ .

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