Upcoming Persuasion Code Workshops (Updated 8/28/19)

SalesBrain offers workshops in both private, semi-private and public formats. Sometimes, certain semi-private events can also be attended. Please contact us for more details.


Patrick Renvoise

Please inquire if you want to attend a semi-private event. Private events are not open to outside attendees.



Sep 3-4 Paris France–Private


October 1-2 Dallas  — Semi-Private


Oct 10-11 Reno Lake Tahoe–Public


Nov 5 Houston–Private


Nov 14 Quebec City–Private


Dec 4-5 San Francisco Public

Dr. Christophe Morin

Sept 24 Westwood, MA–Semi-Private

Sept 25 Marlborough, MA–Semi-Private

Sept 26 Westwood, MA–Semi-Private


Oct-8 Peoria, AZ–Semi-Private

Oct-9 Chandler, AZ–Semi-Private

Oct-10 Peoria, AZ–Semi-Private

Oct 15-16  Chicago, IL–Semi-Private

Oct 17 — Milwaukee Public


Oct 31 –Long Island — Public


Nov 5-6 — Seattle. WA — Public


Nov 12-13-14 Ottawa, Canada–Semi-Private

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